Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Untouched and Altered Version Of the Kumuyi Wedding Photo Hits The Net Amidst Suspension Of Couple

The Deeper Life Ministry has suspended John Kumuyi, the second son of its General Superintendent (never knew they had Police ranks in churches) over his controversial wedding in Jamaica. Now this has unleashed the dragons on the internet as people hiding under false names have gone to town spinning all sorts of tales out of this. Continue to see more and watch the video where Kumuyi himself preaches about the need to change and conform:

 John was suspended on account of his bride who flounted the church's rule by using makeup and other flashy ensemble that accompanied the fitted wedding dress which also had see-through lace sleeves. Though the new couple who got married on  15th June, 2013 had apologised, the criticisms are not wanned but have escalated to the point of ridicule. The punishment was read by Pastor Akpofure during their monthly Miracle and Revival programme at Lagos-Ibadan expressway. Meanwhile the photo posted above was sent by a friend of the bride who is claiming that the photo was altered to make crap of the Deeper church principles. Having looked at both photos I can see makeup in both, the only difference is probably in the flash used in the second photo. Make up is make up!

 A bride must look good on her wedding day and if she does not look mgbekeish is that not a good thing? I just listened to a message by the general superitendent and he has spoken concerning people changing from tradition as a way of embracing the new. Church members just carry out whatever their mindset or perceived understanding is of the message. The man once preached about the necessity of people censoring what they watch on TV so as to control what their spirit man takes in and members reacted by throwing away their TV sets and dashing others their sets as the case may be. Is that what the man said? No! Now it is tradition that weddings usually take place first at the church of the bride if she attends a different church before changing to her husband's church after the wedding. What if this was a different church from Deeper Life?
Some people hiding behind the guise of anonymous have written all sorts of things concerning this issue and especially about the man of God himself which I find very appaling! Do these people fear God at all. He is God's messenger and we are not to judge. Someone who calls himself Dipwater wrote on Nairaland forum and I quote

"am not against the wedding gown but as a son of a bastard Kumuyi he should have respected the doctrine of their church abi the boy sef dey above the doctrine of their church.nonsense if na one 'poor' man pikin naw dem no go gree wed am. the members should open their eyes. the man is a thief. they even used limo in the wedding".

How moronic is this? Another peron replied him by saying
"I am sure you can call your own father a bastard, which qualifies you to be one as well. why go this low? Do you think hiding under the cover of the internet to call someone older than you or your mate will stop you from reaping the consequences of your actions. Ignorance is not an excuse. Good luck. I fear God"
Now this is a sample of how the couple should have dressed. I don't see this couple ever being intimate, they will probably spend all night and day praying and fasting instead of doing what God ordained them to do in marriage.

Yet another said
" Jesus had beards and wore garment. but these funky people wear suits and laugh at those who keep beards. they say they are westernised...and i ask was Jesus not civilised by wearing garment and keeping beards? afterall wearing of a suit is not an african culture..."

So what do we say to the above statement? Did Jesus sin by wearing flowing gowns and not trousers? Please let's grow up! Enough is enough for now. Questions and comments are welcome. Video after the cut:

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