Thursday, 15 August 2013

Regina Askia Blasts Lazy Ass Blogger!

Some Blogs just blog shit to discredit people and that is not good at all. just published a false letter with claims that it was written by Regina Askia Williams challenging Femi Fani kayode's write up on his un-tribalistic nature without verification! Now see excerpts of what she is purported to have written below, too lengthy I cannot type all.

 "I have been told that having Sex with an Igbo Woman is a great accomplishment!!! After reading another hard-drug-influenced-essay by the Yoruba idiot parading himself as a Femi Fani kayode, Ex-Minister of the Nigerian Federation , I felt there was no need to blame him for giving us another reason why his family should as a matter of urgency, BUNDLE HIM BACK TO A REHAB! No! I don't blame Femi Fani Kayode for having a fun-filled day telling us how he "breezed" through Bianca Onoh before our very revered Eze-Igbo married her. I blame Bianca Onoh, Chioma Anaso and Adaobi Uchegbu for being naive or to have rather stooped so low to have intimate relationship with a Yoruba rascal, urchin/idiot whom I'm very sure was on heavy use of cocaine ( and still is) at the time!"

The letter continues...
" Were Bianca, Chioma and Adaobi blind to Femi's madness/drug-addiction or maybe he flashed his ministerial/Ex Ministerial portfolio to entice them? This is the first time a former public figure ( I blame Former President Obasanjo for giving him that privilege)has preferred to reel out the names of women he had sex with, in a bid to show off how he has been able to conquer tribalism in Nigeria or may be trying to tell others he has been able to have sex with one of the prettiest ex beauty queens another tribe may boast of , like Biaca Ojukwu (Nee Onoh) of the Igbo tribe. Some persons have advised that Femi Fani Kayode should be ignored due to his MENTAL INSTABILITY but I say No to it!"

 On Regina Askia Williams face book this morning she issued a disclaimer, dstancing herself from the said write up and even posted the conversation she had with FFK on the issue. " I did not write this article. a useless, lazy ass blogger in desparate need of some kind of attention set this up..... this is very much below me. talking about access and nonsense" See their correspondence below. 

 Regina Askia Williams
 Sir Top of the day. There is an article being circulated by Naija gist as being written by me. I bring to your notice now that I did not write that article. I do have my take on this whole Igbo hating brouhaha but you already know how we stand so you have an idea. Issue has been reported to Facebook offending party warned and blocked. . ... 3:34am

Femi Fani-Kayode
 Thanks for letting me know dear. I knew it couldn't be you. I would suggest that you write on your fb wall that it wasn't you though and reach Naijagist too. The matter was brought to my attention early this morning. I have just issued a statement apologizing to the three ladies anyway. . ... 4:01am Regina Askia Williams
Wondering why I had to post this? Its not a slow news day its just that I knew Regina years ago before she married and travelled. I still have a soft spot for her because she was a great girl, gorgeous on the inside an outside. Contrary to our stupid media and their fabricated stories, she would never write the trash that was published. See a pic of her when she came to visit after I had my daughter Zsazsa. Hehehehehe abeg o me sef know people o hehehehe we miss you Regina.

Zsazsa at two weeks with Regina
Zsazsa at twelve. Hehehehe time flies yea?


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is really pretty.

And you sure do know

Anonymous said...

u're a lazy blogger yourself... The letter started from facebook page with Regina Askia on it.... Which kind nonsense blog is this... Guess u're trying to get popularity the wrong way... Mtcheeeeww

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.51... you are probably from Niajagist, you people are the fools because she has Regina already refuted the story. It never came from her fb page you dick heads! Lazy ass bozos!

Efe said...

You are the ones seeking attention. Idiots