Monday, 2 September 2013

Beverly Osu Claims She Never Had Sex With Angelo In BBA, Now Watch The Clip Again. Did She?

Beverly Osu Nigeria's representative has said she never had sex in the house with Angelo. In the interview she granted Punch Newspapers she said,

 " Angelo and I never had sex I didn't have sex in the house. I never had sex in the house"
 But We Saw The Two Of you Making Love
 We didn't have sex it was not an option for us. I don't know where the people outside got the story from. I was shocked when I came out from the house and learnt that we had sex.... 
 Now I'm amazed that this brazen girl can come out and deny what we all saw, unless the tape was doctored I cannot imagine us all being fools. In case you missed the video click here to watch for yourself again

Best BBA8 Clip So Far by sexyfo

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