Monday, 2 September 2013

Photos - Pastor Anslem Madubuku's Church Wedding In Kenya

Handsome Pastor Anslem Madubuku of Revival Assembly married his sweetheart Emma from Kenya a gospel artist in grand style, one year after he lost his wife Corrie to the cold hands of death. On why he remarried so early he said,
"The truth is that God brought her to me and it was just a glare in my spirit. When my wife passed on, I was completely clueless and I began to pray. God showed her to me. She refused my advances initially but after some time through prophesies and so on she said yes."
Meanwhile, I once dated a widower who told me he was not ready for marriage five years after his wife passed on. However he liked dating lots of girls and I began to wonder what else is this man waiting for? The truth of the matter is that if you took care of your spouse  in sickness or accident and he/she passed on you would be satisfied and fulfilled, remarrying will be an option because guilt will be far from you but if you did not... fill in the blanks yourself. I wish them a happy married life in Jesus name. See more pictures after the cut.

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