Monday, 7 October 2013

At 30 A woman Will Have Lost 90% Of Her Eggs At 40 She Has 3% Left! How To Get Pregnant Against Odds

 Studies have shown that at the age of 30 a woman will have lost 90% of her eggs and at 40 she only has 3 per cent left! This clearly shows that a woman should start thinking about conception long before she gets married and begins to procreate. You cannot begin to reverse the natural order of things but you you can effectively work on certain aspects of it so that you do not get disappointed at the end of the day. How then can we change this? Rush in to see fantastic details of how you can help yourself get pregnant.
You must pay close attention to what you eat. Lots of vegetables and fruits have never hurt anyone. While they are so sweet and sumptuous lots of people still hate to eat the required amount of fruits they need a day.
Exercise, exercise and again I say exercise! You must be in good health and maintain a healthy weight to carry a child successfully to term. not eating right can affect your menstrual cycle which in turn impacts on your ovulation and wam the story changes irreversibly.
Eat a balanced diet with lots of veggies and vitamins! Drink lots of water to stay dehydrated and flush out toxins. 
2. Stop the habit of drinking alcohol  and smoking cigarettes or pot as if it is going out of fashion it is not helping your body. Cigarette will cause your ovaries to age more rapidly than they would normally and are loaded with harmful toxins that can damage your eggs.
Having an occasional glass of wine will not hurt you but taking more than 3 glasses a day will, especially if you are trying to conceive. Alcohol consumption can change the level of estrogen produced in the body which can cause problems with egg production.
3. Caffeine consumption can also be a hindering factor to conception. limit your coffee consumption to just one cup a day, if you consume more than that it will affect you.
4. Stress will do you no good, its an old wives tale but it sure as heck works. Stop fretting and worrying about your monthlies. Take time out to relax. High level stress can lead to heart attack.
5. Sex, yes plenty of it! Stop making excuses and open those thighs for your partner. Stop complaining man and get in bed with your woman! You cannot conceive without sex. We have only one immaculate conception and that was Christ and even then the HOLY SPIRIT put it there. My friend you are human get n bed ad procreate!
6 pay attention to your menstrual cycle. How many days are in between cycles, hormonal state, ovulation days etc. That is not to say you make sex unexciting by taking your ovulation tests and start screaming " papa Nkechi! hurry up and enter before the ovulation finishes!" Let your husband have peace. Na God dey give pickin.!
Yams----- causes hyper ovulation, you release more than one egg
green leafy vegetables
milk and lean protein
Vitamin C-----papaya, oranges & berries
Omega 3 fatty Acids----- fish, nuts & eggs
Whole grains
Olive Oil-----unsaturated fats
Folic Acid

 I have spoken, thank me later.

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