Monday, 7 October 2013

Photo - Agagu's Wife Lays Hands On His Corpse In Prayer. Viewer Discretion Advised!

During Agagu's burial on Friday, his wife insisted on the casket being opened as she wanted to pray on the corpse. She laid hands on the corpse and escorted it with prayers but I do have a question here please indulge me. In the church, we are often told to live each day as if it were the last and the story of Lazarus and the rich man brings this to the fore. When the rich man saw Lazarus he begged God to send Lazarus to warn his family about the evil of living in sin and going to hell as he did not want any of his loved ones to come there. The Lord told him that there were preachers on earth to do that and that after death there is no going back to the opportunity of repentance. Now I ask, a man who is dead and cannot hear you; whose soul has departed and is all dust in a short while, of what use is prayers at this point? These days you see wives all decked out in matching clothes and all the finery, while husband's marry two months after laying their wives in the grave, again I ask, do spouses still mourn each other? In the past you would see photos of distraught husband's and wives sprawling on the ground inconsolable, now its aso ebi galore, makeup and matchy matchy shoes! Just ruminating. ( Chews crackers and sips diet coke all in a days job) Continue to see the photo .

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