Monday, 7 October 2013

The Reason Why Agagu's Cap Stayed Intact After The Crash + Last FB Message Of A Victim

Insinuations have been rife about why Agagu's corpse was intact after the impact of Thursday's plane crash. Lots of people have insinuated juju, ogboni membership and others. When the casket was opened the cap on his head was not even askew neither was his body ruffled, the reason for this has been attributed to the fact that the casket was latched to hooks and placed at the back of the plane. Still think there's more to it? Pondering.Two air hostesses, Queeneth and Toyin, who sat at the back of the plane also survived the impact you can view their pictures below.
 Meanwhile, in a related development one of the victims of the plane crash left a message on his facebook which one can say serves as some sort of premonition of death. His message really opens our eyes to the fact that words can be really powerful and should not be uttered unless we are sure to see them through. What a short life Akeem lived! May all their souls rest in peace and may we the living have cause to thank God always.  See photos and the Facebook message after the cut.

Queeneth's condition is really bad, please pray for these ladies

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