Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Governor Chime's Wife Under House Arrest By Her Husband For 4 Months Now!

  Human Rights Activist Femi Falana has asked that Enugu First Lady, Governor Chime Sullivan's wife be released from solitary confinement where she has been held incommunicado on the orders of her husband, the governor of Enugu State for four Months or be dragged to court! In a letter dated November 1, 2013. Femi Falana representing Mrs Chime pointed out that she has been held incommunicado for four months thereby impinging on  the dignity of her person and personal liberty, fair hearing, private and family life and freedom of movement guaranteed by the constitution. The woman has suffered psychological, physical as well as mental torture and has been denied access to doctors. It is disturbing to note that some of the police as well as State Security Service personnel assigned to secure the safety of the governor, his wife and family members have aided and abetted him in this horrendous act. It is also alleged that our president Goodluck Jonathan, his wife Patience, Bishop Callistus Onaga and others have tried to intervene in the matter without success instead Mrs Chime has been introduced to 2 psychiatric doctors who have prescribed drugs that drive her to hallucinations. I am told the whole saga began when the first lady asked that Ifeoma Nwobodo be sacked as Chief of Staff to the governor. Ifeoma according to Sahara reporters was a former Finance clerk at Nike Lake Hotel before she became the mistress of the governor and the wife found out. Unbeknown to the governor's wife, her younger sister Ebere Igwe was also sleeping with the governor and even gave birth to a boy for him! (e no reach to craze the woman?) I am at a loss on this saga and I am asking in my ignorance please is this the same Chime that has been battling Cancer all these months or another one? Which power e get or time e get to the commit all these? So Jona sef no get control over ordinary governor kwa? Power corrupts O! Meanwhile, he had divorced his first wife to marry Clara who he now treats like shit so no be today matter. Dem say cane wey dem take beat first wife dey under bed dey wait for the new one. (sips coke and chews groundnut)

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