Monday, 4 November 2013

Video - The Fattest Woman In The World! You Need To watch This.

On March 2008 a two year old boy was beaten to death in a Texan border while he was with his aunt 28 year old Mayra Rosales who was with him at that time and holds the record of being the fattest woman in the world. She initially accepted blame for the death by claiming to have rolled over and killed him by mistake but later changed her testimony after her sister got pregnant for the fifth time.. Mayra weighed nearly 500kg, was bedridden, had blood pressure problems, anaemic, (for those who think fat means you have a lot of blood, I hope you have learnt) menstruated for 3 months at a stretch, had to be lifted by tarpaulin, had a body that looked like a huge wobbling mound, had fluid retention- doctors got 10 litres of fluid off of her daily, skin breakdown, lesions, leaky body etc. Doctors say she had 18 medical problems that were fatal! In spite of saying suicide is not an option, why was she willing to take the blame for what she did not do? This incredible film shows the many twists and turns in a case that boggles the mind like no other zzzzzzzzzzzz but...! The angle I am coming from is kinda different. Two things stand Out! She was accused of murder but even with the weight  she refused to give in to suicide which a lot of us would have done and secondly her husband stood by her. Everybody has issues, just know that you are not alone and keep striving to be better at least you still have hope by being alive, those in the grave do not! Rise above your challenge and may God give us all husbands/wives that will look beyond our limitations! Make sure you watch this vid till the end. Peace.

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