Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Check Out Photos + Video Of Patience Jonathan's Billion Naira Hotel Under Construction

 This is the rumored massive billion Naira hotel under construction in Bayelsa State belonging to the first lady of Nigeria, Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan Aka Mama Peace. The report by Kayode Ogundamisi of Sahara TV is also on video as you continue. So with all these rumors and evidences etc staring us in the eye what next? Nigerians continue to sleep, yack and ignore even in the face of corruption. This tells me only one thing, corruption is a fabric of our society, it is innate so we condone it, gossip and move on bidding our time for when we get to the "White house" we also steal our share from where the last person stopped. May God help us! Patience must be very rich to afford to build a place like this. She used to work in where again? See more photos after the cut

Looks like an armored tank right?

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