Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Desmond Tutu's House Burgled While He Was Praying At Mandela's Ceremony

While the world was at Nelson Mandela's funeral ceremony and precisely when Desmond Tutu was praying, robbers were in fact burglarizing his house at the exact time. Wonders shall never cease to happen! No arrests have taken place but investigations are ongoing. With every good thing wey Mandela do for South Africa the crime rate there is incredible! When my friend travelled to meet her arrangee husband in South Africa about 6 years ago robbers trailed her to his house and collected everything she owned. Wetin sweet me pass for the matter na all the things wey selfishness no let am share give people here dem collect am from her.. em em robbery no good though, but in this case nothing spoil lol. Continue to see a pix of Nelson's widow kissing Desmond Tutu on the lips, if na naija now dem go say adultery dey take place there since. Twice married to 2 Presidents she get luck o meanwhile some of us still dey find husband. Abeg share your secret o madam.

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