Monday, 2 December 2013

Photo - Oshiomole Drinks Tea With "Go and die" Widow At Edo Govt House Offers N2M!

Widows son, widow Isiyi Joy and Edo State Gov. Oshiomole
Governor Oshiomole who has been under attack for abusing a widow telling her to go and die has done an about face and sought the lady out for compensation. Gist has it that the woman is slated to appear at the PDP endowment rally slated for Tuesday and to put a check to giving PDP an advantage over APC, Oshiomole quickly offered her a whooping N2,000,000! (Lets hope the money is from his own pocket and not Government money). Now PDP is singing a new song  telling Nigerians that if you want poor widows to "go and die" then vote for APC. Wonders shall never end. If I were the widow,  I would collect the N2m from Oshio and still collect from PDP rally after all na Nigeria money. Msheeeew! This woman has obviously suffered, she is still wearing the dress from the day of her harassment. In case you missed it watch below.

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