Friday, 29 November 2013

Watch Shocking Video - " Go and die!" Governor Oshiomole tells widow

This is the most shocking video I have ever seen. A sitting governor of the Federal Republic of Nigeria displaying such callousness? A governor ... no a former labour union leader now governor telling a poor widow to go and die because her wares were displayed by the road side where she was waiting for transportation! The most painful part is that nobody appealed to the governor instead they packed of her stuff as he requested even pushing her in spite of it all. To think that this man was once a leader claiming to fight for the masses has shown that it has always been a sham afterall. Gist have it that he gives babes up to N1m for ...fill in the blanks yourself. Thank God that man is not God where would we have been? (Hand for jaw as I chew carrot and ruminate on the book Animal Farm)

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