Tuesday, 14 January 2014

"My Breasts Could Kill Me"

A blue film actress fears her breast implants may kill her. Elizabeth Starr who had banned implants 15 years ago to boost her career has been told by doctors that if the implants are not removed she could lose her life. The mother of two says she has had 63 corrective surgeries and is not ready to go under the knife again given her history of blood clots and infection not to talk of the loss of her career. ( She fucks for a a living). In her words; 
"I was basically the victim of an experiment and I've been paying the price for it ever since. (her breasts keep growing daily)"...the surgeon cut some tissue away from my breasts which he thought might be infected but the infection gradually ate a hole in my right breast the size of  a 10-pence piece the pain was unbearable." (enjoy your loot Elizabeth)
Ladies be warned, your natural boobs are better. We have breasts pain and cancers to contend with, don't add more to your troubles bringing pain to your family and friends. No time wey bobbi no go answer the law of gravity no matter how many lifts you give it!

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