Friday, 10 January 2014

"My Son Lied Against Pastor Fireman" Says Mrs Esther Egbo

Two days ago I posted a Sun News story of how an 18 year old boy was arrested and confessed that Pastor Sign Fireman hired him to kill a virgin and bring her faeces for N100,000. Well, the mother of the boy  Mrs Esther Egbo has spoken. She says for a truth they are members of Fireman's church but they have never met him in person. Her son she says has been arrested four times by the Police for attempted rape but has never been charged to court. She says the boy was cursed by a neighbor sometime in 2005 so whenever he sees young girls he suddenly grabs them and tries to molest them. Sometimes when she is looking for him a resident will be the one to tell her that he has been arrested and is at the Police station. In November 2011 he was again arrested and detained for 19 days for the same offense. The Sun reported that the boy went to eat at a buka, saw a young girl pass and went after her, dragging her into an uncompleted building where he  killed her. When asked why he lied against the Pastor, he said it was because he was threatened! An aide to the Pastor speaking to journalist has this to say. 
" I have spoken to the boy and he told me he was coerced into saying what he said to the press. Pastor Fireman is a very rich man. What sort of money ritual would he want to do? His father owns a gold factory in Russia (me sef I get diamond factory for Adim Cross River State!) while  his mother is a Professor in ABSU This is a man who has distinguished himself."

Meanwhile, Pastor Fireman's lawyer also spoke saying that his home has been searched and no evidence found and that the allegations are frivolous and so lacked merit.

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