Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Chris Elvis Arrested For Fitting A Padlock To Son's Mouth Claiming He Is An Evil Child!

According to International Business Times, Chris Elvis of No 7 Adetola Adelaja street Meiran, Lagos has been arrested after he padlocked his son's mouth to prevent him from crying out while he tortured the boy to death, at about 5pm on February 10, 2014. He accused the boy of being an ogbanje or child of evil. Chris who is a security man beat his 4 year old son, inflicting deep wounds and burned him all over his body with a hot pressing iron then locked him up in a plastic drum with a padlock! The child's mother reported the matter to the police after she returned from the market to find the life less body of her son. The husband initially pretended to be mentally unstable but was declared fit after being examined and is being held in custody.

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