Thursday, 6 March 2014

Oldest Woman In The World celebrates 116 With Zero Plastic Surgery!!

Misao Okawa, has been recognized as the oldest woman in the world by Guinness Book of records. She celebrated her birthday at a nursing home in Osaka, Japan. She still looks sooo good. and see how thick her hair is! I hope all the girls enhancing their breasts and tummy tucking with eye alignment et al will see this gorgeous woman and know that its better to leave it the way God fixed it. Oprah once said that no matter how many plastic surgeries you do or how many things you tuck in and how many shitty diets you embark on, one day age is gonna catch up with you. The lines and the wrinkles are  gonna creep in so safe your self from all the stress and endangerment and stop sweating the technique. God aint wrong!

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