Thursday, 6 March 2014

Update On The Alleged Rape Of Olanike Olaiya By Obersere

The State Criminal Investigation Department has released Obesere otherwise known as Alhaji Abass Akande, claiming that he is not a flight risk. A Police source says that Obesere was invited for questioning and he has made a statement saying  that the lady is his girl friend. Investigations are currently ongoing and if found culpable will be arrested.
"The woman in question came to Obesere's house willingly and was not abducted. There are no eye witnesses apart from Obesere and the victim so we cannot conclude that it was rape  (hello Ignoramus, have you heard of tests when a victim cries rape?) but we will leave no stone unturned."

Punch newspapers is reporting that the victim Olanike Olaiya, had reported the matter to the Isolo police and Obesere was invited for questioning but he did not show up. The woman obtained a medical report (phew thank God!) indicating that she had been raped. The drama will continue to be reported so stay tuned.

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