Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Fuji Musician Obesere Arrested For Alleged Rape!!

According to the Vanguard newspapers, Alhaji  Abass Akande or Obesere if you like has been arrested for the alleged rape of 29 year old business woman , Miss Olanike Olaiya in his Okota residence.
The victim who reported the matter to the Police herself said, she got to know Obesere through her friend Mrs Bola Okoro who had promised her that the  alleged rapist would help her in her business of selling Office equipment. Obesere promised to link her up with some of his friends in Dubai who would give her supplies on credit. 
Obesere began to demand for sex from her after the meeting and when she turned him down he insisted she slept in his house that night claiming that it was dangerous to go out at that time. In her words (how dumb can you be)

" I thought he was a responsible man (he is a fucking fuji musician what the heck!) and I decided to sleep over (is he not married?) but at the dead (sic) of the night he came into my room (in his house! Hello!) where I slept and pounced on me. He raped me (chai! so sad!) and afterwards inserted a ring  he wore into my  private part and I started bleeding. He hurriedly left me in the room saying he had an appointment to fulfill. (#babalawo tinz)

Vanguard learnt that Obesere had been arrested last Wednesday after the victim made her complains but was subsequently released (#bribery) at Isolo. His arrest was again possible after a warrant from the Chief Magistrate of Isolo. In his defense Obesere is claiming that they are lovers and when he discovered she was bleeding he asked her to go to a hospital but was surprised instead when she reported that she was raped .( you bleed when you are forcefully entered brother fuji singer)  If found culpable I hope the punishment is castration, that will be the right judgement that will fit the crime.  If he raped her truly then she will not be his first victim, I hope other women will come forth. I say. Rape is bad and should be condemned by all!! What says you?

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