Friday, 1 March 2013

"Take Your Dirty Body out of My Office", Police Spokesperson Tells Reporter

Ngozi Braide
A reporter who requested anonymity, said she had gone to obtain a comment from Miss Braide on a story she was working on, but said the spokesperson became furious, threatened a fight, and ordered her to leave the office.
According to the journalist, “She became angry and told me that my friends and I are peddling lies that she fought with a CSP in public.  Miss Braide went on to call me all sorts of names and accused me of blackmail. She went on to order me to leave the office but I told her that I will not leave because the Lagos State PPRO's office is a public office and does not belong to her.  At this point she got up from her seat and charged towards me as if she wanted to fight me.  I still stood waiting to see what she will do next. She walked towards me and she said, ‘Take your dirty body out of my office. This is my office.

She said she was shocked and dismayed at Ms. Braide’s behavior but was not surprised as the spokesperson has quarreled with other reporters before and even gone as far as threatening a superior police officer with a dagger over a mere parking space at the police headquarters.
“She fought with this female CSP until her breast was exposed,” the reporter said.  “Other policemen had to restrain her that day.  This is something that happened in public and is well known but she is lying, denying that it never happened.”
A United Kingdom-based consultant psychiatrist, Dr. Vincent Udenze, wednesday disclosed that over 18 million Nigerians, or 12 per cent of the population, suffer mental illness, this may just be one of such cases because how do you justify a woman who is a law enforcement officer attempting to stab a citizen for asking questions!

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