Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ex Pres Clinton Caught With Supermodel Girlfriend Again After Monica Lewinsky!!

As Hilary Clinton prepares to run for President come 2016, Radaronline has uncovered new information that could torpedo her White House dreams. It has been revealed by Tom Sizemore that her husband, ex US President Bill Clinton had a torrid affair with  British super model Elizabeth Hurley behind the White House Walls. and he was the man saddled with the responsibility of arranging the tryst. Tom the Hollywood actor who also had a sexual relation spanning 3 years with the super model has an audio recording of a time when Clinton arranged a plane to fly Hurley to Washington DC where she was put in a room right next to the first lady! 
 Abeg this no be news. It is public knowledge that Clinton was receiving blow jobs and having sex before, during and after the White House and Hilary is aware and stands by her man so spare us this affront to our eyes. No be today Clinton dey pull dross at the sight of babe. Which babe both married and single go refuse handsome Clinton plus again say na the most powerful man in the world that time? Make we hear word!

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