Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Update on The Clinton, Elizabeth Hurley Affair

Tom Sizemore has taken back the claims he made on tape that he introduced his girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley to the then US President and a year long relationship ensued. He says his bizarre claim were rantings fueled by drugs.
"I'm not denying I said these things, I don't remember saying these things. The are the rantings of a guy that it has been well chronicled had a very severe problem."
 Elizabeth Hurley has since taken to Twitter to debunk the story. While stating that she finds men like Clinton "sexy" she however denies that any affair took place.

Sizemore had earlier made claims that he introduced his ex girlfriend Elizabeth to Clinton while in the White House and that the President bedded her right next door to the first lady.
Dem say na when person drink naim e dey talk wetin dey him mind since no be drink cause am. So no worry Sizemore we understand.

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