Thursday, 6 February 2014

What Would You do If You Unknowingly married Your Father Like Valerie Did?

 Valerie Spruill's story is the type one would call a story from the dark. Four years after her husband died she heard stories; something about her absentee father, something about her husband, none of it made sense. That is until her uncle told her what nobody else could. She had unknowingly married her father!

 Valerie says, she does not know if her father ever knew. She first confirmed it officially six years after Peter Spuill had died. It was done through DNA testing of his hair taken from one of his brushes. She suffered two strokes and was diagnosed with diabetes. Pain and stress she said could kill and she had to relief stress by spilling the story.

She met and married her husband/father in Akron and settled in Doyelstown a working class suburb of not more than 2,300 people. It was her second marriage and Peter was a wonderful provider and caring husband to her 3 children from her previous marriage. She said the initial discovery fueled a hate in her heart but she met a couple who found they were brother and sister after their marriage but claimed that her story helped them deal with their own experience. Valerie's mum got pregnant at 15 by her father Peter. She was 3 months gone when she was sent to live with her grand parents. Her mother only came to visit. She was 8 when she discovered that this woman was her mother, not her aunt and nobody ever mentioned her dad. Her mother however died in 1984 while her grand parents have been long gone, so nobody could have told her the story. 
Her mother was once a prostitute and was involved in a high profile corruption scandal that involved James Barbuto a probate Judge who was convicted of intimidating investigators and gross sexual imposition for attacking a court house clerk in his chambers.
Valerie has since told her children the truth about herself and has started a search for her siblings. She wants people to know that they too can survive something like this.

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