Friday, 7 February 2014

4 Women Who Would Leave Their Husbands For Bill Clinton Speak About Their Encounter

Jenny Murray says she has met many men including actors like Tom Hanks, Jack Nicholson and others but none could hold a candle to Bill Clinton. Her encounter with him came at a reception in 2004 to mark the publication of his memoirs, My Life. It was at the height of the scandal involving his moral flaw of engaging a 21 year old intern in you know what. In spite of that, women of all categories, old, young, beautiful and plain Jane's waited eagerly to see him make an entrance. Nobody felt sympathetic to Hilary at that time and all the women would easily have followed him should he have so much as whispered it. Women giggled like teenagers as he engaged them in conversation. He oozed power and affluence, charm overload and a consummate professional. As he paused in front of you, he stooped slightly, engaged you fully, looked directly in your eye, listened to you, laughed at your witty repartee, asked questions all with a twinkle in his eye. Tell me what woman would resist that? Now lets see the experience of another woman. continue to meet the others...

Bell Mooney
In 2001 she accompanied her husband to a BBC lecture. Clinton delivered a lecture at the summit and if she had respect for him hitherto, it became doubly so at the end of his speech. She described him as a class act, mixing glamour and compassion. Her husband introduced her to Clinton and she says from that moment on she was lost. He shook her hands and refused to let go, staring into her eyes as if she was the only woman in the world. His thumb gives her hands  little strokes as he listened raptly to her words. She felt like a teenager even though she was 55! As he walked away, she heard a woman ask "Are you ever gonna wash that hand?". I hope you guys are learning the trick? Now unto another woman.
Ann Lesley
She says she has never liked Clinton and saw him as manipulative. He once met her at the airport and implied that he would love to get to know her if only there was time. She said one icy glare from her eyes and he called it a day. She describes his moves as, The thoughtful stroking of his nose, the almost overcome with emotions  biting of his lower lip, the little love me because I love you puppy dog smiles. She fell briefly when she met him again and introduced her daughter to him, but not so much. Alright, Okay so the charm didn't work fully here lets check out the next lady.

Jaci Stephen
Rocka chic in her dressing (my kinda girl) Jaci Stephen says not since Moses walked the red sea has a man been able to part everything that goes before him like Clinton. She says the day she met him was a day when all she had practiced to say if she ever met him failed because no words could be formed. His smile was warm and natural and put you at ease immediately with not a hint of falseness. when you look at him, he is not just seeing you he is reading you and that makes you feel special. He looked her in the eye and her stomach lurched! He had a sexual magnetism that locked you mind, body and spirit (deliverance case for MFM) that made you want to throw your top off and scream " take me to the oval office now!" She says some men have it but Bill has it in bucket loads. His skin was nice and as they held hands intertwined he wouldn't let go. when she looked him in the eye she started shaking but she finally managed to say " You are the greatest man who ever lived!" (abeg na Jesus).

My Take
Abeg all these eye and hands so soft matter no go work for naija. make e come try am here na? Na bros how much you go drop wen we finish naim babes go dey calculate. no be handsome or cute naija babes wan chop joor carry go

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