Monday, 16 June 2014

Dad Slits Throat Of Wife and Two Sons Before Going To Watch Italy vs England Match

 A football fan and a computer analyst Carlo Lissi is alleged to have  slit his wife and children's throat before setting out to watch England vs Italy world cup match. The bodies of the mother of two Cristina Omes and the couples 5 year old son Guilla and Gabriel 20 Months were found in their home in Visconti near Milan. Not only were their throats slit they also had stab wounds. After hours of questioning Lissi confessed to the crime but said he did it because he is in love with another woman. He said after the murders he threw the weapon down a man hole and then went to watch the Match around 11.30pm. He returned home at 2am and called the Police to say he found the safe open and a small amount of money missing. Investigators focused on the motive because of the baby's murder.
Source: MirrorUK

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