Thursday, 16 May 2013

Photos 18+ Please - Do You Like Yourself Naked?

Studies have shown that 6 out of 10 women hate their bodies and yours trully is one of them. we would love to have perky breasts, flat tummies, child bearing hips and a narrow waist too. The women in this post have defied all to show their gorgeous bodies and how they fit their clothes to enhance what they lack. I am learning to love my body and you should too. Though they are a few wobbly parts but you are who you are no beefing! Men were asked how they would rate the ladies and this is what they said:

 Gurj 26 says she has a few wobbly bits but has leant to accept herself the way she is. Martin says "you could get lost in those boobs and many men would love to - ideally for days."

 Claudia 42 says the only thing she would change about herself is her belly as its too meaty and spills. Luke disagrees as he says of all the ladies this is the one that he would pick, she has the loveliest smile and really cheeky... so ladies smile more its not the body hehehe
 Susan 32 wishes she could have a smaller bum and hates her stretch marks after 2 sons.Martin says with the look on her face susan challenges you to say no to her and Kate concurs that a push up bra would be good. I say she looks yummy.

 Charlotte 27 used to be a 34AA but got a boob job and is now a 34D. she wishes she had more curves and regrets the surgery. Luke sas Charlotte has a slim nice body, well toned , looks like a super model but too pale for him though...i hope you are getting the fact that its not all about the body ladies?
Joanna 53 used to be fat, then she worked on herself, got married, got fat again and worked it off again Whoof! Did you get that? Now she looks fab but she hates the flabby stomach. Martin says she is a stunner and must have turned heads in her time, her body wears her life's journey with pride he concludes. while Luke says she looks fab but too old for him. Its not about age Luke, she gat 2 kids and is married common!
Shareena is 22 and has a birthmark on her stomach she hates. Martin says if he dies and goes to heaven girls like Shareena will be the ones serving cocktails hehehehehe the whites on her stomach he says gives individuality as far as he is concerned. Luke says she looks fab but the breasts do not match the body. Im like...huh? I'm lost Luke wtf.
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